Willy’s Chip Truck

Many of our members have contacted us regarding a local business called Willy’s Chip Truck and an issue the business is experiencing with the municipality. Willy’s chip truck has been sitting in the same place on Martin Street for over 25 years and is currently owned by Mr. Don Kenney.

Mr. Kenney has made every effort that he could to have a retirement job that would give him a little extra bit of spending money to supplement his retirement income. He bought an older chip wagon that needed some work, had the Health Department in, had Fire Department checks, paid his insurance and bought supplies. After he purchased it in 2017 everything went well, he cleaned things up, produced a good product, was well supported by the locals and particularly the high school kids.
In early April of 2018 he started out the same way as the previous year, had all of the necessary checks, passed the same required permits and ordered in his supplies and has a received approval from the county to remain in the same location. He then had a visit by the Chief Building Official, Mr. Dan Prest. Mr. Prest did not like the set up, as a matter of fact there was very little about the setup that he liked. The truck would not pass an MTO safety check, there was paint peeling on the truck, there were MJ clamps on the plumbing, there was no P trap on the sink that emptied into a barrel. There were 21 derogatory comments about the truck and the contents, most of which were not near reasonable and he was instructed to fix them before he opened. Keep in mind none of these technical objections t seem to pose any sanitary issues as it was passed by the health department, the truck was clean.

Mr. Kenney sent emails to all of Council and the Mayor asking for a little consideration and time to make the necessary changes, he received NO responses.

The Fire Department which had already given him a pass were called back by the Chief Building Official, this time it was a fail, the reason; because the vehicle was not roadworthy it was considered a building and different rules applied.
The end result, Mr. Kenney felt the changes that the Town were asking for would cost him approximately $15,000.00. The supplies that he purchased have all spoiled; he has called the gas company to remove the propane tank and will part out the rest. He said that he has used up his line of credit; he cannot continue and will clean up the site. He feels that the locals have been great but the Municipality not so much.

Welcome to Almonte the Friendly town.

Now this, the recent Mississippi Mills Council Agenda for May 1st , is now posted on their site at: http://www.mississippimills.ca/uploads/12/Doc_636604231742638646.pdf

Starting on page 39, a regular meeting of the Active Transportation Advisory Committee was held on April 10, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. at the Old Town Hall.

Present: Jeff Mills, Chair, Theresa Peluso, Robbie Brady, Councillor John Edwards, Heather Smith, Councillor Jill McCubbin, George Yaremchuk, Danielle Shewfelt,

Staff: Guy Bourgon, Director of Roads and Public Works, Cindy Hartwick, Recording Secretary Absent: Calvin Murphy, regrets


Prioritization of projects in Master AT Plan

  • ATP Costs Chart with revised costs
  • Martin Street, Sadler Drive and Main Street – bike lane discussions (all committee members are to review the areas prior to the meeting)

Motion: Moved by Danielle Shewfelt, Seconded by Robbie Brady

THAT the Committee supports proceeding with Martin St. N and Sadler Drive being the preferred bicycle lane projects for 2018 and proceed with the design and public open house process.

When news of Willy’s Chip Truck came out, some PRATAC members had inquired if there was a plan for bike lanes on Martin Street and if so, could this be the motivation behind this whole issue, i.e. it’s in the way. As we have seen already on Ottawa Street, Council put in the bike lanes and removed parking in front of the resident’s homes and other bike lanes constructed will most likely follow suit on Martin Street, Sadler Drive and Main Street. Without maps or more details being provided; we can’t yet say with certainty but based on past experiences with this Council, it sure does looks like part of the plan. Perhaps Councillor John Edwards and Councillor Jill McCubbin can provide the details at the next Council meeting if they intend to place bike lanes where Willy’s Chip Truck has sat for the last 25 years and let residents know if they also intend to remove the parking on Martin Street, Sadler Drive and Main Street as well.

Here we go again!