On the October 2 2018 Council Agenda

Councilllor Ferguson will be presented with a Long Standing Service Award by MPP Randy Hillier on behalf of Minister Clark
• Recognition of Provincial Roadeo champion John Gleeson
• Paddy Vargas and Janet Duncan will provide an update on renovations to The Hub.
• Approval requested of designs for the installation of two pedestrian crossovers in Pakenham on Graham Street (County Road 29) at the Waba Road/Elizabeth Street intersection and at the Jeanie Street intersection (installation in 2019)
• Mayor and Clerk to enter into an agreement with Storm Internet (4141903 Canada Inc.) for the provision of fibre service to the Clayton area
• A new draft sewer use by-law proposed
• Stop up part of the unopened road allowance known as William, Malcolm, Mary, Part of Maitland, Part of James, Part of John, and Part of Malloch Streets identified as part of the Burnside Subdivision on Plan 6262
• Approval of financing from the TD Bank of $943,600 at 3.43% for 10 years to finance a fire truck, grader, ice resurfacer and 2 backhoes.
• Staff prepared terms of reference to be approved by this council for the next council’s committees.