On the June 5, 2018 Council Agenda

Just when you think the Rail Trail issue was decided and couldn’t get any more foolish:

There is a proposal on the Agenda that Council consider an “Option 3”: directing ATVs “away” from the Almonte “core” by sending them from where the Trail meets Bridge Street, across the bridge and through the busiest intersection in town: the junction of Ottawa Street, Martin Street North, Martin Street South, Main Street and Queen Street. ATVs would then proceed down Martin Street North to Carss Street and down Carss to the Trail again. Was there any public consultation done before this gets put to a vote? Well, they held exactly the same as on the other failed option: none.

Some people prefer a visual:

Proposed Route of Option 3 Bypass

Other Items:

Delegation on the study on development charges and long-term planning. Worth a look on pages 34-46: check out the suggestions for exemptions for distilleries and marijuana production (page 45).

A staff report and studies on suggested compensation for the new Council, as well as detailed comparisons with other local and province-wide councils (pages 93-141). Health and dental suggestion is new.

A Zoning By-law Amendment to change the zoning on Pakenham land near Blakeney, Panmure and Mountain View Roads from “Agricultural (A)” to “Agricultural Exception X (A-X)” to satisfy a condition of a lot addition Consent application (pages 19-23)

A revised application for the development of 36 Main Street North (the empty lot across the rail trail from the Hydro Components). It has been changed from 39 units, including 2 four-plexes, to 33 units with one four-plex, and includes changes to the style. See pages 24-33.

Reports of meetings in April and May of the Environmental Committee that record that “verbal updates” were given, but contain no actual information for Council or the public served.

From the CEDC April and May meetings: Phase 1 of Business Park nearly sold; micro-grants this year again; “the Active Transportation committee” (Bike Committee) “will be looking at extending the Greystone trail through the business park and further into Almonte;” Bus Fusion June 8-10; “With the lots in the business park selling, the committee wanted to know what the process is for having the interior road built. Staff will advise at the next meeting” (in June). Pakenham residents have submitted a letter to the Bike Committee wanting safe crosswalks across Highway 29.

A new two-year lease with the Almonte Curling Club included.

An application for construction of a new passive solar greenhouse on March road.

An application to permit three minor variance applications in the Riverfront Estates Subdivision on Jack Dalgity Street.

An application for the construction of a single detached dwelling on the vacant land known municipally at 113 Carss Street.

A proposal for using $5,000 of the old Pakenham reserves toward the purchase of stone dust to enhance the existing walking trail along the river from the beach house to the base of the OVRT and provide two stands for the benches that have been donated by the Pakenham Business and Tourism Association.

You can access the Council agenda by clicking on this link:

Council Agenda June 5 2018