On the Agenda for the August 28 2018 Council Meeting

These matters will be discussed at the August 28, 2018 Council meeting, TUESDAY starting at 6 p.m.:

  • Development Charges (see page 94 of the Agenda) A report from the Treasurer suggesting that Watson and Associates revise their study on Development Charges. The proposed new development charges are considerably higher than the charges that resulted from the 2014 study particularly in the areas of Roads, Parks and Recreation, Library and Water and Wastewater. To reduce charges, the paper proposes that a number of projects under the old Master Transportation Plan be reconsidered or eliminated, such as collector roads ($12.6 million estimated in 2017) or a bypass ($1.3 million estimated in 2014) to ease traffic congestion. Others include the Ottawa St. Reconstruction – Landscape Plan ($199,142 development charge portion), the White Tail Ridge Park Development ($1,177,130), paving of the OVRT between Almonte and Carleton Place ($400,000), Almonte Library Branch expansion at ($1,172,500). Exemptions from Development Charges are proposed to be considered for industrial development such as distilleries and marijuana production facilities, non-residential farm buildings such as silos and barns, and secondary dwellings (granny flats/coach houses), except for water, sewer and storm services.
  • Service Delivery Review and Recommendations of Recreation and Culture Services by Blackline Consulting Pages 16-21
  • More clean-up of zoning amendments affecting all wards (see pages 40-81 – it’s a long list!)
    1. Zoning Amendment – Pakenham Golf and Country Club Estates Pages 22-26
    2. Zoning Amendment – Lots 26, 27, 28 Almonte Business Park Pages 27-32
    3. Zoning Amendment – Zieview Farms Inc. Pages 33-37

See the Municipal Agenda here: August 28 2018 Council Agenda