Last Update: McLaughlin-Edwards Lawsuit

On January 10, 2018 Justice Patrick Hurley awarded Mr Steve Maynard his costs of $1,588.64 in the dismissal of the Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation launched against him by Mayor Shaun McLaughlin and Councillor John Edwards. The plaintiffs are ordered to pay Mr Maynard within 30 days.

At court on January 2, 2018, counsel for the plaintiffs wanted to make it known to the court that it was not he who had alerted the media about the lawsuit as soon as it was filed.

The cost of this reimbursement is in addition to the plaintiffs’ previous costs disclosed in court at $14,733.50 excluding HST. In a closed session, Mississippi Mills Council had voted to fund either all or a portion this private lawsuit.

Total costs are therefore $16,322.14 (not including HST on legal services).

The Municipality has thus far not disclosed what amount it donated or loaned to Mayor McLaughlin and Councillor Edwards, citing a solicitor-client privilege exemption in response to a Freedom of Information request.  However, the solicitor was not working for the Municipality but for McLaughlin and Edwards, so this exemption seems incorrect.