ALMONTE & RAMSAY Wards Councillor Candidates Meeting and Format

The first Candidates Meeting will be:

ALMONTE & RAMSAY Wards Councillor Candidates Meeting and Format

7:00 – 9:00 P.M. Wednesday September 12, 2018

at the Almonte Civitan Hall, 500 Almonte St, Almonte

First will be a brief outline of the steps to follow to cast your votes.

Next will be OPENING REMARKS from Candidates for Councillors in the Almonte and Ramsay Wards. Each candidate will be allowed 3 minutes for opening remarks and there will a 1-minute allowance at the very end for a closing remark.

Questions Guidelines:

  • Residents may ask questions from the floor.
  • Residents will identify themselves and their ward.
  • Comments in favour or against any candidate are not allowed.
  • Questions may be directed to one or more candidates – but may be answered by all candidates. Candidate responses are limited to 2 minutes.

Closing Comments by Candidates

All candidates will be allowed 1 minute closing comments.

You may meet with candidates after the session

There will be tables set up for candidates to place their campaign brochures.