All Candidates Meetings


To ALL Mississippi Mills Residents


In light of the absence of any planned All Candidates Meetings in the Municipality of Mississippi Mills, several local business owners, some concerned citizens and PRATAC decided to sponsor the following All Candidates Meetings as needed community events. As a prologue to the upcoming municipal election on October 22, PRATAC has assumed the responsibility of coordinating the meetings on behalf of all the residents of Mississippi Mills. The ALL CANDIDATES MEETINGS are being held as follows:

  • Wednesday, September 12
    • Almonte Civitan Hall @ 7pm
    • For Ramsay Ward and Almonte Ward candidates for Councillors
  • Wednesday , September 19
    • Stewart Community Center in Pakenham @ 7pm
    • For Mayor; Deputy Mayor and Pakenham Ward Councillor candidates
  • Wednesday, September 26
    • Almonte Civitan Hall @ 7pm
    • For Mayor and Deputy Mayor candidates

Please plan to attend any of these meetings in order to make an informed decision at election time!