A Message from Tony Barr – Ramsay Ward candidacy withdrawal

We are posting the following message from Tony Barr, who remains on the ballot:

I ran for council because I haven’t been impressed with our current elected officials in many areas.

Their lack of transparency, fiscal management, the arrogance (to ignore the large number of constituents), the apparent influence of a few people, specialty groups, and the many unelected committees.

I feel these are the hot issues for the majority of constituents in Mississippi Mills.

The roles and duties of the upcoming council will require a lot of time and energy to restore the trust and transparency back to the constituents of Ramsay Township and the rest of Mississippi Mills.

I feel my present situation will not allow me to apply myself 100% and fulfill the time required.

Therefore I officially withdrew my candidacy for Ramsay ward councilor on Wednesday September 12th.

I believe Cynthia Guerard and Bev Holmes have a very similar direction as myself and are quite capable of making the proper decisions on behalf of all of Mississippi Mills residence.

I will support Bev and Cynthia as Ramsay ward Councilors going forward.

A question for all residence of Almonte, Ramsay and Pakenham – Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?

Please vote accordingly.

Thank you

Tony Barr