A CALL TO ACTION – On Wednesday September 6th 5:00pm

A motion to amend the Mississippi Mills Community Official Plan was discussed during the Lanark County Economic Development Committee (EDC) Meeting of August 23. Mayor McLaughlin and Councillor Jane Torrance represent the Council of Mississippi Mills at the Lanark County level. The motion from Mississippi Mills, if it were adopted, would allow our municipality to change the Parkland designation to Residential in order to accommodate development for the construction of 5 homes in the Don Maynard Park.

Much to the dismay of Mayor McLaughlin and Councillor Torrance, an overwhelming majority of Committee Members defeated the motion (11 against – 4 in favour) by voting against the Mississippi Mills motion – thanks in large part, to 50 minutes of insightful presentations by a group of 8 speakers from Mississippi Mills.

It was very disappointing to see and hear Councillor Torrance reverse her position on the Don Maynard Park issue when she declared before the vote was called, that she was no longer in favour of protecting the Don Maynard Park and would be voting in favour of selling the park, without any explanation.

The impressive and compelling number of citizens in Mississippi Mills that signed the petition against the sale of Don Maynard Park (1300), coupled with the unprecedented number of citizens (350) who attended at the Mississippi Mills Municipal building on August 9, 2016 garnered much interest, discussion and support as the members of the Committee deliberated the Mississippi Mills motion before they voted against and defeated the motion.

With a view to showing continued strength and firm resolve in our quest to preserve Don Maynard Park, we urge as many as possible citizens of Mississippi Mills who support this dedicated parkland to attend this decisive and important Lanark County Council meeting on Wednesday September 6th at 5:00pm.

This is a clarion call to all residents of Mississippi Mills who wish to see Don Maynard Park remain intact. Please demonstrate your support once more by attending the Lanark County Council meeting being held at 99 CHRISTIE LAKE ROAD, PERTH – Wednesday September 6th at 5:00pm!

Call us 613-292-9596 if you require transportation to Perth!

Gerry Belisle
Vice President, PRATAC Inc.
(1 of 8 Presenters at August 23 meeting Lanark EDC Meeting)